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80% Buy in? Can change still happen?

Instructional leaders ask me what are some important things to remember and focus on when starting in a new positions. 1. Respect: value the ideas of your leadership team. You will have many people trying to hijack your agenda or "steal" the thunder of success. Remember the teachers are the ones that will stimulate and maintain the change that is desired. Listen and act upon the collaboration of you school leadership team. If leadership team likes and idea it is a good idea for the whole school. Don't focus on the loudness of an educator or two who may an alternate agenda. 2. Personal Regard: Care about your people. It does not need to be superficial. If they have trauma in their lives be empathetic. Most humans will not overuse your empathy to take advantage of you. Always remember that "pets" are part of the teachers family also. 3. Competence: Stick to the area you know and know it well. Over communicate with parents and stakeholders. You will make communication blunders trust me but if you over communicate it will let the parents know you care about how information is relayed. Parents can always delete and email but they cant read them if they never come. 4. Integrity: This will take a year or more at a new location. This is simply keeping your word. If you focus on ensuring that all actions you do should be understood as advancing the best interests of your students you will be successful in the end. You will have individuals who try to hijack your agenda, try to tarnish your reputation, ingrain themselves to previous leadership. But trust me if you focus on those four pillars in the end you will have 80% staff buy in and a student body and community stakeholders who believe in you and will support you. Don't let negative people change your narrative!!!

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