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What are your standards as an Instructional Leader?

What is your "standard" as a leader. As I look at what holds a school back from growth the fact is simple its the leader. "There are not such thing as bad teachers, there are just more effective ones". In business we used to say 75% of businesses are successful because of the standards the owner sets and upholds and 25% are the mechanics or processes. Think about stores that sell the same products which one do you go to and why? Why should someone want to come to your school? Would you want to attend your school? If you can't sell your school to yourself why would you try to sell it to a parent?

Know your limitations as a leader and work on them. Set a higher standard for you and your school. Don't be a leader just during the day. Whatever you attached your identity to is how you will live.

What am I asking my principals to work on that I mentor:

1. How can you sell your school to a parent in 60 seconds? If you can't why? Then make that the standard and work till the problems correct themselves. Teachers are not the issue leadership is.

2. Are you creating videos to help you parents with at home instruction? Even if we go back full time these will be invaluable resources.

3. Are you working with businesses raising capital for student safety? Don't wait for the district to do it you are the leader of your school make it happen.

4. If your standard is to blame the district, administration or situations; change your standard and mind-frame!

5. Can you use potential online learning as a way to grow your families academically? What if you set up a google classroom for parents to use online programs? Why not use the opportunity to help the entire family?


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